Network & Services Information

Thank you for working with us! To make the most of our time on your installation, we will need some information from you about your current system.  This information will allow us to connect to your network and services quickly to get you up and running in the time we have allowed for your project.

The information provided in the following form is and will remain secure and private. Access to the answers you provide is password protected and accessed only by specific members of our staff that will be working on your project. This information is entirely optional to complete. To take full advantage of our team’s service, having this information ahead of time will allow us to tie in the necessary details to your upgraded system quickly and efficiently.

If you would prefer to print out a form and provide hand written answers to our team upon arrival the day of your project, please find a printable pdf here. So that we may serve you best, please have this document completed for us or be prepared to complete with us when we arrive.

Have questions? Email or call any time!

Please Complete the Following

NOTE: All login information will be deleted from our system 30 days after the final day of installation of your project. Please feel free to log in to your accounts and update any passwords after we have completed our work. Remember, if you change a password, you will need to reenter this information into your device or account when accessing it. Changing a password will log you out of any devices in use, so you will need to log in again for these accounts to work properly. Make sure to note your new passwords, if any, for future reference.

Services that you would like to sign up for, such as Roku, Netflix, Amazon, and others may require credit card information to complete set up. Refer to the services below for more information. Please provide a valid credit card upon our technicians’ arrival.