Yep, we are a company. And like every other company on the planet, we sell stuff.  Anybody can sell stuff.  However, what motivates us at our core is not landing a job and selling a bunch of stuff, it’s relating to our clients and identifying a problem so that we can properly deploy a solution which will last for years to come.

Always Ahead

Our goal is to stay up to date on all innovative technology in our field and leverage that knowledge to provide long lasting and future focused solutions that are not only easy to use, but fun as well.  No matter the industry that we provide services for; residential, commercial, vehicles, or events, our focus is on results.  

Always Evolving

Always evolving, we promise to provide updated practices and products to every single project that we build for our clients, no matter the size.
Technology should be fun. Let’s do this together.


We’ve created the kind of team culture that attracts members who truly believe the sky is the limit. Meet Team Wavelength: fun, unique individuals with a common goal to never stop working to hear your needs, know their stuff, and deliver results. Each and every one of us brings a facet of knowledge (and fun!) to the Wavelength family.

Allow ourselves to introduce… ourselves…


Technology is everywhere and we all use it differently. Whether you have grown up with it or you are encountering a new device for the very first time, technology is an exciting journey. We are here to help you navigate.