John Monteiro

John Monteiro - Wavelength Audio video

I am the lead babysitter here at WAV. I have an Associates Degree in Visual Communications / Graphic Design, where I applied these skills at a low voltage training institute for over 7 years, where I became a manager there. In my spare time, I would always dabble in car electronics along with disassembling computers and learning how they work.  I was fascinated about knowing how things actually work.  Fast forward a couple years working at the training institute, when I met Tim Manning.  We always kept in touch as we moved on in life.

In March of 2000, I joined Tim at SDC Studios, now Wavelength Audio Video.  We have grown exponentially from a crew of 3, to a team of 12 dedicated individuals.  Working at WAV is sometimes not work at all because of how much I enjoy what I’m doing here.  I can be programming a client’s AV system one day, to hanging a TV on the wall the next day.  Everything from working for the wonderful client base we have, to volunteering our time for a great cause; Its such a diverse environment that keeps me motivated daily. 

I was born and raised in Portugal.  Came to America in July of 1991 and have lived here ever since.  I ironically do not watch too much TV, but I do enjoy a good movie now and then in a kick ass surround sound environment.  On the one to two spare minutes I can find, I train in a Brazilian Martial Art: Capoeira. Axe Capoeristas!!  Biking is another hobby of mine, along with shooting pool on a lazy Sunday night.  I’m also a bit of a foodie. I always try searching for small mom and pop restaurants as I experienced have the very best food 9 out of 10 times.  Yummy, Yummy…….