Tim Manning

Tim Manning - Wavelength Audio Video Founder

When I was a kid I couldn’t keep my hands off of technology and gadgets.. Seriously, I would open up every stereo, every handheld game, even every phone that I would get my hands on and modify it somehow to do something even more cool than what it already did. Just the idea of what simple electronics could do was unbelievable to me. When it came to music and hearing my favorite artists through a speaker box thing I just had to find out how! 

Fast forward many years…add in tons of customer service, becoming a musician as well as a recording and live sound engineer, building crazy awesome AV systems for cars, homes, businesses, growing a small business, starting up a company of my own and mix it in with the idea that I am always learning and sharing my knowledge with everyone that I possibly can, you end up with not only a ridiculously long run-on sentence, but you end up with who I am today..

I take all of my passion and love for people, life, and learning and build it into absolutely every relationship that I have so that I can be more than a part of just everyday life…I choose to be selfless and abundant in optimism so that I can leave a positive effect on every single person that I ever meet. Who knows..one day I might just meet the same kid that I once was and influence him or her to achieve their own dreams one day 🙂 

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