Who is Wavelength Audio Video?

To answer who Wavelength Audio Video is – here’s a question… Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve got 6 remotes and don’t know what does what. And for some reason, only one person in your house seems to know how to work the TV… and they are never home. 
  • You entertain often and want to set the mood on your beautiful outdoor patio but this Bluetooth speaker just isn’t loud enough.
  • If the Wifi drops one more time, you’re going to Starbucks. But you’ve been spending so much money there lately and it is just sooooo distracting.
Wavelength Audio Video, NJ

Drowning in a million remotes? Wavelength Audio Video to the rescue!

Yep, we totally get it. Lucky for you, we love this kind of stuff and each one of those statements (plus so many more) has an easy fix.

So, now you’re probably thinking… “Yeah, ok. Solution smolution. There’s no way I can afford anything you’re selling.”

Um, yeah, there is. Come on people, why would this stuff be difficult to afford?? Sure there are speakers out there for $55,000 EACH and others upwards of $250,000 EACH! (::cough::) Hey, quit sweating, we don’t sell those (well, we can but we ain’t keeping those in stock…).

Seriously though, technology is not so difficult or as expensive as people like to think. All we want to do is help you make this techy life just a little easier.  So sweep those six thousand remotes off your coffee table and replace it with just one, do-everything-possible, remote.Or wait! How about set up a Wi-Fi network in your house that just connects, like… all the time!? Yes! That can happen!

Or wait! How about set up a Wi-Fi network in your house that just connects, like… all the time!? Yes! That can happen!

Above all, we want to accomplish all of this while having fun, expressing sarcastic, yet entertaining jokes and comments.  In our incredibly connected world, why should anything related to our line of work be so serious? Whether we are talking about communicating via messenger eagle, or mention how rad something may be, it is all in an effort to take the stress away from everyday technology. We are here to listen to you and provide solutions that work without breaking the bank.  This stuff should be fun, let’s do it together.

Wavelength Audio Video - NJ


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