What to Do with your Tech When the Power Goes Out

It happens. Lightning storms, snow, gale force winds, whatever we experience here in New Jersey, power can likely go out. Whether its for a split second, hours, or days, these outages can mess up our tech. But there are some easy ways you can check on your stuff if things aren’t back up to par when the lights turn on.

Follow these step by step details to help you on your way.

If your Internet is slow or not working:

  • Locate your main equipment for your network (this will include your service providers router as well as accessory items such as ethernet switches, wireless controllers, wired/wireless access points, and mesh network products)
  • Disconnect the accessory items first! (this is an important step) – Leave unplugged during the next steps
  • Disconnect the main router for one minute
  • Plug back in the router
  • After one minute, plug back in the accessory items with any ethernet switched first, then wireless controllers, then access points or mesh network products.
  • Give it around 5-10 minutes before next step
  • Open your devices and try going to a website or Google
  • Download the app: Speedtest by Ookla and run a test on upload and download speed to make sure that you have a solid connection

Still not working?
Try the old fashioned, ask a neighbor technique, and see if they might be experiencing the same thing. Give a call to your service provider and find out if there are issues in the area.  If you’re still searching for answers, submit a ticket here or call our office for a quick visit.

Video Streaming Services are not working?

  • Before taking the below steps, try another streaming service such as YouTube on the same device to determine if it is just the service that you are trying to use or if it is the entire device not connecting to the internet properly
  • Locate the device that is having the service issue such as Roku, AppleTV, BluRay Player, etc (this may be in the cabinet where the TV is located or in a remote locating such as a rack in the basement)
  • Disconnect the power wire from the back of the device for one minute
  • Plug back in the power
  • Wait around 3-5 minutes
  • Try the service again
  • If it is still not working, try going to the system settings menu of your device and locate software updates to see if there is any possible updateStill not working?
    Submit a ticket here or Call our office for a quick service call to determine if there was any possible damage to the device during the power outage


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